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So who do you think is going to get the bigger and better rewards in heaven — the Christian businessman who became wealthy calling all of his own shots and doing his own thing, or the Christian who fully surrendered his entire life over to God the Father and fully completed His divine destiny for his life?

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The answer is obvious. I will be doing another article on the rewards that will be available for believers when they cross over into heaven. There are several verses from Scripture that many Christians are not aware of showing how God is going to be specifically rewarding each one of us for what we have accomplished for Him while living down here on this earth. The time we are spending down here on this earth is not even the blink of an eye compared to the time that we will be spending up in heaven once we die and cross over. Our time in heaven will be for all eternity.

Our time spent down here is just for a very brief moment compared to the eternal time frame that is operating up in heaven. The Bible tells us to lay up treasures in heaven where the moths cannot eat them. Some of these treasures will be the good works that you will do for God while living down here on this earth. If you fully surrender your entire life over to God the Father and go with His perfect plan and destiny for your life, then everything that you do and accomplish for Him will be good treasure that will be stored up for you in heaven — and God will then reward you accordingly once you enter into heaven.

Good treasures stored up in heaven will also be the good personal relationships that you will be establishing with other saved loved ones. Remember, you will take none of the earthly material possessions that you have earned or acquired into the next life — but all of your saved friends that you have developed good personal friendships with will be crossing over with you, and these good personal friendships you have established down here will all be lasting for all of eternity up in heaven. All of the money and material wealth that you have acquired and earned down here will not.

To the intelligent American Christian businessman, I ask you — whom will you serve? God and the call that He wants to put on your life — or will you serve only yourself with your own set agendas? The Bible tells us where the real rewards will be lying. Jesus says that what good will it do a man to gain the whole world, but lose his own soul in the process of acquiring all of that wealth.

Jesus very clearly says at the end of the above parable that you cannot serve two masters.

You cannot serve both the Lord and your own calls and your own set agendas for this life. If you try and do both, you will end up as Jesus is saying, loving the one but hating the other. You cannot have it both ways. It will tear you apart trying to live in both realms. And those heavenly rewards God will be bestowing on you when you enter into heaven will be for all of eternity.

Any wealth and riches you gain down here doing your own thing are just going to be for a very brief moment in the eternal scheme of things. I will leave you with one classic statement made in the Bible that completely summarizes the above last point. One of the most powerful stories in the Bible is the story of Joshua. He does not get much publicity because his story comes right after the story of Moses.

But Joshua was the main one who led the Israelites into the Promised Land. He was so successful in the Lord, that one of the Books in the Bible was named after him: Jesus has made it as clear as He possibly could in His Word that there is only one way to live this life — and that is operating under a full and complete surrender with God the Father.

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The rich man summons the manager and tells him that he will soon fire him for being so bad at his job, but the manager doesn't just mope away like a victim. Instead, he begins to devise a plan that will allow him to get a good job once he's actually fired. The plot thickens! At this point in the story, I'm thinking that this manager is trying to be a little too clever, a little too shrewd, and he's simply going to dig himself into a deeper hole. I know this manager; I have been this manager.

I totally sympathize with his position. I have definitely been in situations where I haven't done something well, and when I realize I haven't done something well, instead of simply admitting to it, I try to work myself out of the jam. And instead of saving myself, most often I end up putting myself in a worse position than before. I hate to be wrong and I hate to make mistakes, and so, I understand where this poor manager is coming from and what he's attempting to do to save himself.

2017-07-09 – Luke 16.1-9 – Parables of Jesus – The Shrewd Manager

As the story goes on, we see that the manager calls together all the people who are in debt to his wealthy employer. He asks each one how much debt they have, and then one-by-one, begins slashing their debts, some by as much as half. Now, we know what he's doing because Luke has already let us in on the plan: the manager is trying to appear gracious and generous so that once he's fired, he'll be able to go to one of his employer's partners and get another job.

Now, the manager is not slashing debts for the good of his employer.

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The manager is slashing debts to try to save himself. I know how this is going to turn out: his employer, the rich man, is going to get super angry! So, here it comes, the moment of truth, when the master finds out what the manager has done. As this parable ends, we are left in a strange place. We know that Jesus is telling this story for a particular reason, but this story is not an easy one. This story isn't simply a "love your neighbor" moment. Something else is happening here and we need to dig a little deeper. You see, Luke is a complex writer, and as he composed the story of Jesus, Luke structured his stories by providing a particular amount of depth to Jesus' teachings.

One of Luke's favorite literary techniques is to use the phrase "how much more" in many of Jesus' parables. In many moments throughout the gospel, Jesus tells a story to teach his disciples, and at the end, he says "how much more" would this story be true in relationship to God. Is there anyone among you who, if your child asks for a fish, will give a snake instead of a fish?. Consider the ravens: they neither sow nor reap, they have neither storehouse nor barn, and yet God feeds them. How much more valuable are you than the birds! Now, although Luke does not use that explicit "how much more" phrase here, the implication is along the same lines: something about this story shows the simplicity or the smallness of our human experience, and in comparison, how much more will God do than what we can do?

When I reflect on this parable, the moment that resonates with me the most is when Jesus says that the dishonest manager was commended for acting shrewdly. This moment feels out of place in the world of scripture. Standing army. Infantry and cavalry.

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Three soldier and a horse. Aleck, it's been a long wait, and full of heartbreak and hope deferred, but God knows I am happy now. Happy, and grateful to you, my own, who have done it all. When is it to be? And we'll want to do these weddings up in the very regalest style that's going. It's properly due to the royal quality of the parties of the first part. Now as I understand it, there is only one kind of marriage that is sacred to royalty, exclusive to royalty: it's the morganatic. More—I will compel it. It is morganatic marriage or none. Aleck, it will make Newport sick.

Then they fell silent, and drifted away upon their dream wings to the far regions of the earth to invite all the crowned heads and their families and provide gratis transportation to them. During three days the couple walked upon air, with their heads in the clouds. They were but vaguely conscious of their surroundings; they saw all things dimly, as through a veil; they were steeped in dreams, often they did not hear when they were spoken to; they often did not understand when they heard; they answered confusedly or at random; Sally sold molasses by weight, sugar by the yard, and furnished soap when asked for candles, and Aleck put the cat in the wash and fed milk to the soiled linen.

Three days. Then came events! Things had taken a happy turn, and for forty-eight hours Aleck's imaginary corner had been booming. Up—up—still up! Cost point was passed. Still up—and up—and up! Five points above cost—then ten—fifteen—twenty! It was a fatal resolve. The very next day came the historic crash, the record crash, the devastating crash, when the bottom fell out of Wall Street, and the whole body of gilt-edged stocks dropped ninety-five points in five hours, and the multimillionaire was seen begging his bread in the Bowery.

Then, and not till then, the man in her was vanished, and the woman in her resumed sway. She put her arms about her husband's neck and wept, saying:. We are paupers! Paupers, and I am so miserable. The weddings will never come off; all that is past; we could not even buy the dentist, now.

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A nobler thought came to him and he said:. You really never invested a penny of my uncle's bequest, but only its unmaterialized future; what we have lost was only the incremented harvest from that future by your incomparable financial judgment and sagacity.

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Cheer up, banish these griefs; we still have the thirty thousand untouched; and with the experience which you have acquired, think what you will be able to do with it in a couple years! The marriages are not off, they are only postponed.